About Us

About Us

About Field & Game Australia

Field & Game Australia is the nation’s premier organisation for conservation, hunting, and clay target sports. Membership with Field & Game Australia provides a range of activities and benefits, and contributes directly to supporting the future of your passion.

Our members are united by their interests in:

  • Preservation of fragile wetland habitats
  • Conservation through pest animal hunting
  • Hunter-assisted waterfowl research
  • Sustainable and ethical game hunting
  • The role of hunting and shooting in Australia’s history and culture
  • Simulated Field clay target shooting
  • Advocacy and engagement with government
  • Unrivalled insurance coverage
  • Connection with the wider community

Field & Game Australia has been serving Australian hunters, conservationists and clay target athletes since 1958, and is an organisation that continues to build on that history and experience to address the issues affecting hunting and shooting sports in a practical way.


Membership with Field & Game Australia gives you:

  • $25 million Public Liability Insurance Cover for accredited activities
  • Opportunities to play an active role in wetland habitat conservation and waterfowl research
  • Four issues of Field & Game magazine every year, including exclusive online content
  • Priority recreation access to the Heart Morass Wetland Complex
  • Respected political advocacy at Federal and State levels
  • Access to over 50 clay target ranges across Australia, with around 60 shooting events being held each month
  • Support for ethical and humane hunting activities
  • Genuine reason to obtain and hold a firearms licence
  • Education, information and support via the National Office

Field & Game Australia offers all its members a wide range of benefits that include great environmental and sporting activities, excellent insurance coverage, and representation that strives to protect and expand opportunities for you to enjoy ethical hunting and target shooting.



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